Just a list of places I’ve been to or want to visit since I moved to the UK for Uni

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands—Easter 2013, Easter 2014, AMF 2015
  2. Frankfurt, Germany—Summer 2013
  3. Paris, France—Winter 2013
  4. Tenerife & Gran Canaria, Canary Islands—Winter 2013
  5. Brussels & Bruges, Belgium—Easter 2014
  6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands—Easter 2014
  7. La Plagne, France—Winter 2014
  8. Stuttgart, Germany—Winter 2014
  9. Florence, Siena, Rome, Palermo & Catania, Italy—Easter 2015
  10. Zagreb, Split, Croatia—Summer 2015
  11. Lisbon, Porto, Portugal
  12. Barcelona, Spain—Easter 2016
  13. Beirut, Lebanon
  14. Fez & Marrakech, Morocco—Easter 2016: + Sahara Desert
  15. Prague, Czech Republic 12/5/15
  16. Berlin, Germany—Late Summer 2016
  17. Stockholm, Sweden
  18. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  19. Mykonos & Santorini, Greece
  20. Jordan
  21. Cappadocia & Pamukkale, Turkey
  22. Norway—Summer 2016: Jotunheimen National Park
  23. Iceland—Summer 2016
  24. Lake District, England—Summer 2016
  25. New York, USA—Summer 2016: where I fell in love, where stories I grew attached to  were set, Girls, Suits, Mad Men, Friends. Girls mostly, because it was a relatable show (ew me)
  26. Los Angeles, USA—Summer 2016: where I fell in love yet again, totally dug the chill af vibes and freakin’ bleedin’ amazing food. for 8 days I lived the life I saw from Bri’s Instagram (of DLF), Casual, Transparent, Mad Men (again), many online personalities like Aimee Song and Jenn Im…LA was trendy af, I loved it so much
  27. Las Vegas, USA—Summer 2016: Sin City. not much to say about it, personally I did not enjoy it, best part of Vegas was Shake Shack, perhaps we should have planned better and went to see a show, thank goodness for good company
  28. San Francisco, USA—Summer 2016: quaint, pretty, perhaps travel fatigue didn’t let me enjoy it as much as I’d thought I would, perhaps we were there for too little time, I feel like I definitely want to go again and see it with fresh eyes. I liked where we stayed though, dodgy as it was
  29. Hong Kong—Summer 2016: where I learned that I did not like crowded places, again could probably have resulted from travel fatigue, hmm perhaps half the excitement and fun of travelling is the anticipation

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