Xr and I went to the National Gallery today for a rare proper date! his idea too so I was very pleased. it’s a beautiful space which reminded me very much of SF MoMA. saw Yayoi Kusama’s Life is in the Heart of a Rainbow exhibition. I found her work extremely visually appealing, especially enjoyed the infinity nets. realised my phone cover has lotsa dots and bright colours too. Xr felt very affected by her work and story, very intense, more so than Obedience which we saw at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, which I found quite difficult to stomach. 

we both signed up to be members of the national gallery, excited to make visiting a regular thing. 

life’s good. so thankful for all the good and beautiful around me 💖


as I stepped out of the office building into the sticky humid air, I smelled the sea. 8 marina view. less than a mile away from the sea. the central business district—probably where you’d find the densest population on weekdays—is right by the sea 

this realisation made me feel immensely grateful for the privilege of calling this tiny island home, where it’s impossible to feel trapped by swaths of land. which is a good thought, a thought that grounds me to this country I dream of escaping from every day 

at work I listened to spotify’s mellow mood playlist (really good, love it so much—probably because there wasn’t much I was unfamiliar with. creature of habit). many tracks brought me back to my time in England and my travels, and those memories were beautiful. for now I’m happy to just hold on to and relish in the occasional trip back brought by familiar sounds, scents and photographs