some -elements- (because ‘things’ is uninspiring, and a sentence filled with 10 nouns comma after comma is no fun) that inspired me this week:

Brain food

On friendships and how they shape our lives:

This was linked in the previous post, about how friendship is superior to romantic love:

Ear food

JT’s ‘My Love’ cover by the XX. Will you guys ever do any wrong?

And of course no trip to a foreign country, much less a 10-day solo one to Spain, a country steeped in culture and history, would be complete without finding your senses/tastes/preferences expanded/altered. It has certainly deepened my appreciation for the Spanish language and widened my awareness to its music outside of the cliché that is Despacito. Which to be fair they love too (who doesn’t!), albeit the original version not Bieb’s. The genre is called ‘Reggaeton’/’Regueton’ – think Gasolina, Danza Kuduro – which is “actual music, you know, that you can dance and move to. Not like the trash in UK clubs”. Loosely quoted from my dear friend. Anyway, Kali Uchis’ Nuestro Planeta is an edgy Spanish song. I discovered her via Daniel Caesar’s Get You which has been a firm favourite for months, still is.

Technically I didn’t hear this on Spanish radio so I’ll leave you (lol I’m talking as if there’s someone reading this) with another (i.e. apart from Despacito) hot favourite, Mala Mujer – it means Bad Woman!

And to commemorate the terrific evening I had earlier this week vibin’ out to this new space (Kilo Lounge) with reconnected/new people. P.s. Fkj is very enjoyable live.

Face food

While shopping for a friend’s birthday gift, I chanced upon Hourglass’ new range of lipsticks – Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity. Truly ultra slim, extremely pricey (price to product especially so I’d imagine, it’s $56 for a tiny ULTRA SLIM bullet! Feels weighty and luxe though.) but damn if they’re not pigmented. Extremely easy to apply too. I was swatching practically every single colour. Not sure how well they wear but we’ll see. I like the colour range too. Most of the colours are sold out at ION, bit better availability at Takashimaya but best bet probably online. Got a warm brown – I’ve Been – from Sephora’s website.

Actual food

I’ve been preaching the Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough for the longest time. Haven’t spoken to the team that started it, would love to, but from what I gather (flavour combinations, vibe of the space – unpretentious, rustic (‘ugly’), casual, natural, wholesome, cookbooks stacked on the cooling rack) it seems they’re inspired by some of my favourite feeders e.g. Ottolenghi, Tartine Bakery. I don’t make it a point to go every week but find myself there every week anyway bc the inertia to try new places is too high, and I’d hate to waste a few hours of my precious weekend on a lousy meal.

Another space I’ve fallen in love with is the Glasshouse. It’s a cozy, light-filled space in Chijmes. Lots of green (of course), the warmest, friendliest staff and terrific coffee. Made new friends, another space I’ll return to for sure.


been watching Big Little Lies, disturbing themes, scored, written and shot beautifully, A+ cast. have been enjoying it so much

‘transfer vietnam photos to external hard disk’ was an item on my to-do today. that led to an hour of reshuffling/renaming/reorganising folders in the hard disk and of course I went through some photos. got reminded of a time when all I had to worry about was what to eat/do/see the next day. brilliant company. felt terribly at ease and at peace for a whole hour. love how photographs…music…can evoke memories and emotions of a period bygone. immensely grateful to parents for gifting me my now beloved Fuji X100T, a beautiful, easy-to-use little machine that preserved the best moments of my life

I’m back home hehehe my last post saw me whining about exams, and saying I’d write again after my papers. It’s been a month and I haven’t updated even though I really should have because I’ve had so much time in Nottingham heehee whoopsies.

Sooo after exams, I spent two weeks between Notts and York before flying home to Sunny Singapore. Went to York for 2 days, it was amazing. It’s so rich in history, they had a frickin city wall. Apparently it’s from medieval times?! Food was bleeding good too, huge shoutout to Amadea for hosting me and bringing me/us around~ ^_^ I loved every minute spent there, would definitely return.

During the two weeks in Notts, Xr and I hosted our third guest—Xian Jie. He was a pleasant guest. Went for No Tomorrow, watched a bit of football, Coco Tang some nights, and hmm what else…oh I remember cooking meals for them and watching a lot of Mad Men while they were DOTA-ing days and nights away, ha. Hwach Boiz will always be Hwach Boiz.

UPDATE 5 AUG — Oh boy it’s been a month since I saved the draft LOL fek. Cannot even remember what I wanted to write about.

Let’s start by logging what I’ve accomplished this s l o w summer:

1. Caught up with Mad Men—finally. Can’t believe there are only 7 episodes til it’s over for good. Been having Mad Men withdrawal a bit the past few weeks

2. Spent lots—I mean LOTS—of time with people I love, especially myself lelz, doing things I couldn’t be happier doing. So far being funemployed’s pree good! But I pray next year I won’t have this luxury anymore plspls I really need something productive to do! I’m starting early to increase my chances. Like now. Been listing down Internship opportunities and working on apps, what’s left is just completing them, crossing my fingers real hard and firing them off.

3. GSS *u*

4. Caféhopped! Ate too many waffles, drank too many cups of coffee. Happy belly.

5. Zenning and sweating my bum off at Yoga Movement. I CAN DO A CROW NOW! Just a little but still! I remember trying it the first few times and never being able to get both feet up at the same time, and now I can hold like ~2sec. Teehee!

6. Experienced first—hopefully last—stomach flu ha. Thank goodness it’s over! Just had chicken rice today nomnom

7. Celebrated lots of birthdays, mostly twenty-firsts. Happy to be put in their lives.

8. Pinned rooms, bathrooms, furniture etc. So inspired! Honestly very stoked to move in to our new place! Staying with XR (ofc!), Claire and Yilei. Happy living in a house with a proper oven and bathtub days ahead :’)

I’ve been really happy and optimistic this summer, super thankful for everything and everyone I have, and especially grateful to my parents for supporting this bum of a daughter /sheepish/. Several things I’m looking forward to:

1. BKK getaway!

2. Penang food trail

3. More yoga and precious time spent with loved ones.

Okie that’s about it for an update, teehee. Stay gold x

I’m back from an incredible weekend in London. It was exciting (FOALS) and scary (rowdy crowd) and satisfying (liberty shopping) and yummy (shake shack, bone daddies, gelupo, bubbleology, honest burgers) and chill (amazing place we stayed at via Airbnb, madd café)…every minute was just perfect and I really did not want to come back. But when I reached my room my first thought was home sweet home…ahaha. It’s actually really nice to be back, but so not looking forward to school bleargh. Ah well, feeling incredibly recharged.

Anyway, I’m here to share the trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. Can’t wait to see it, looks like a huge visual treat! And the cast…I have no words *u*

Photos from my adventure in London under the cut!

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