I’m Tingshan, b. 1993 in Singapore, living/studying in Nottingham, UK.

Toasting is username that stuck since my friend Sarah inspired it a few years ago. She also named her cat Toasty. Toast is an adorable word. It brings to mind warm, comforting things, while Ting is my name, and so yeah hehe

Mostly I share about my life as a student in this city right smack in the middle of England, occasionally—usually during term breaks—I write about my adventures back home in Singapore or somewhere else I’m exploring, which you can navigate from here. I like writing about mundane things like what’s going on in my mind, what I’m into at the moment … I also post recipes sometimes because I love cooking (mostly eating), recommendations (because I love eating), etc. Nothing too intellectual though ha ha but who knows really. To know why I created Toasting.co, click here.

That is all for now. I will update this page with more relevant details when I feel inspired. Meanwhile, enjoy! x


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