Monthly Archives: August 2017

I tend to go through phases with music but angus & julia stone have occupied a sweet spot in my heart for over a decade. I don’t rave about them very much but when I listen to them I always feel comforted. it’s already a rare and precious thing to find connection with (things/people/hm?) – all the more incredible when you realise these (things/people/hm?) have grown with you


been watching Big Little Lies, disturbing themes, scored, written and shot beautifully, A+ cast. have been enjoying it so much

‘transfer vietnam photos to external hard disk’ was an item on my to-do today. that led to an hour of reshuffling/renaming/reorganising folders in the hard disk and of course I went through some photos. got reminded of a time when all I had to worry about was what to eat/do/see the next day. brilliant company. felt terribly at ease and at peace for a whole hour. love how photographs…music…can evoke memories and emotions of a period bygone. immensely grateful to parents for gifting me my now beloved Fuji X100T, a beautiful, easy-to-use little machine that preserved the best moments of my life