good things must share

The xx’s new album. less intense, less moody; more eclectic and multi-layered

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Pitchfork review

personal favourites:

on hold – looped it to death when they released it as a single, unfortunately a teeny bit sick of it… it still gives me amazing vibes though
lips – has some of the moodiness characteristic of their previous album, Coexist
performance – like lips

thoughts after the cut. I’m no music critic, so pardon me if I don’t describe musical things accurately…

I was surprised having listened to the album in its entirety because some tracks retained the style they were known for from their eponymous debut album and Coexist. From their two singles (On Hold and Say Something Loving) I completely expected the album to be Jamie’s In Colour v2 + Romy & Oli’s vocals, but it really isn’t, and that’s a pleasant surprise. I have nothing against In Colour in fact I loved it very much, I just wanted the xx to kind of still be the xx and not ~*Jamie XX*~ ft. Romy & Oli’s vocals, yanno??? Their sound has always been special and I loved it

As usual the repeating instrumentals in the background here are some amazing guitar riffs(???), like in Replica.


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