2017 clichés

entering a new year is always exciting and filled with hope because we feel like we can start afresh, on a clean slate. over the weekend I felt optimistic about making this year a great one. I had a beautiful end to 2016. spent the second last day doing things young people do. being happy and free. and the last day with family. I enjoyed myself immensely. in the day we went shopping for ingredients. then we cooked and went over to the new place, each of us (me & siblings & plus ones) made a dish. XR & I made a stewy chickpea thing (omitted capers because I forgot, replaced feta bc I’m not a fan with fresh mozza, mmmmmhm) and brought cheeses and some cold meats (rosette de Lyon & salchichon de iberico bellota. the spanish one [salchichon] was so beautiful I could cry). lin & colin made amazing steaks and garlic bread. yu & jason made mushrooms and sweet potatoes which were so sweet. I asked if they added honey – yeah, that sweet

this year I really hope I stick to my intention of writing at least once a week. by writing I mean penning down my thoughts somewhere. this intention is heavily inspired by quora users responding to ‘how do I improve my life’ ‘what are some habits I can cultivate to become successful’ so I will attempt to make a habit out of it. it’s something I’ve always enjoyed but I never followed through because of laziness and the fear of being lousy. I do enjoy writing so I think I should keep at it regardless of how shitty I think I am. I think many times we prevent ourselves from trying or doing things because we don’t have the courage to face our inadequacy. we avoid trying so we won’t fail. but when we don’t try we would already have failed…massively… this for me is an opportunity for growth

the big theme for me in 2017 is to grow. this means having to abandon fear and be okay with trying new things even if I’m not confident in my ability to excel. not wait for opportunities to come by – create them. be proactive

back to writing, I write with the hope of:

  1. improving my written communication skills
  2. strengthening my ability to construct arguments
  3. bringing some discipline into my life
  4. being more creative
  5. being more thoughtful, reflective and engaged with my inner self
  6. preventing myself from leading an unbloggable life. that’s not to say that I live with the intention of blogging. I feel like having to write about how I spend my time makes me more accountable to how I actually spend my time. it’s too easy for days to bleed into each other when things get busy. it’s easy to get lazy and I’m not ready to slip into that!!!

I mean for this space to be a place for my reflection and consolidation of thoughts, as well as the sharing of experiences and ideas. I would love for this to someday facilitate two-way sharing but for now I will focus on just writing…

2017 will be the year I cultivate new habits and routines

  1. read more – both fiction and non-fiction. especially non-fiction. I have started on ‘boy meets girl’ by ali smith
  2. read less – social media feeds. it has become a nasty habit. I can’t help trying to keep up out of boredom, and I am addicted to the instant gratification of getting hit with fresh information and updates. ‘command + t’, entering ‘fa’ in the browser bar then hitting ‘enter’ has become a reflex when I lose interest in what I was originally engaged with.
  3. write at least once a week – about anything. share what I’ve learned. log my days, especially precious ones, so they don’t just disappear
  4. restrict bubble tea intake to once a week
  5. swim at least once a week

post ideas:

  1. my reading list
  2. lessons from job-searching journey (year 3 – just slightly after graduation)
  3. lessons from first 3 months in my first job
  4. trying to eat healthy in the CBD
  5. trying to be fit with unpredictable work hours
  6. struggles from returning to real life from a 4-year long holiday
  7. the feeling of displacement

a lot of the above I could have and should have penned down when the inspiration hit me, when the emotions were most raw and at their strongest, but I didn’t because I felt like I didn’t have a platform … or something … I don’t know. I make so many excuses. I think ultimately our failures are 99% attributable to laziness lel

ok ciao that’s all for a first post of 2017. I think i made good effort and I am happy


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