Monthly Archives: November 2014

I want my lips to blister as we kiss

do you find yourself obsessing over a band/performer’s songs after seeing their gig? currently looping this track. I started listening to more (of & often) wild beasts after I knew I was going to see them open for the National. I had most of their albums but only listened to hooting & howling—which is still one of my favouritest songs ever—because I found it kind of difficult to go through their albums. I’m so glad I got to listening to the rest of their songs! their latest album Present Tense is pretty easy to get into so I would recommend this album. it’s good too—my faves are Mecca, A Simple Beautiful Truth, Palace, Pregnant Pause and a few others… but now Bed of Nails from Smother takes the cake. I love the quirky tune and chilling lyrics. it’s so frickin’ catchy, lemme know if you get hooked too x

oh and I must add—Wild Beasts and the National are so bleeding amazing live. it’s so exciting to hear Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming (WB) sing live because they have really interesting voices. was so frickin’ ecstatic when hooting & howling started filling the O2 because I was told they don’t always play that at gigs, and since they’re only opening for NTNL i already prepared myself for disappointment, but alas! THEY ANSWERED MY PRAYERS *u* hehehe. and the National were super cool live, they interacted quite a bit with the audience and were so thankful and humble it almost made me cry. the setlist was great as well, ahhhhh would definitely want to see both bands live again!