Monthly Archives: October 2014

This morning I woke up feeling proud of myself that it was only 9.46am, but that happiness died off within seconds as I realised that Daylight Savings had kicked in. I’m thankful for the extra hour today, but I’m still pretty pissed because:

1. The sun sets at 5 now—as if getting dark at 6 wasn’t bad enough?!?!

2. Honestly that sole reason is enough to keep me pretty pissed lol.

Ok end rant. I suppose I should then wake up earlier in order to catch daylight…dear body will you please do this for me? On a brighter note, life’s been pretty sweet lately:

– School’s manageable! I’m lagging behind some lectures but I’m still surviving, still somewhat motivated
– Having fun with people I hang out with
– Sent off BlackRock app this weekend—crossing my fingers!
– Feel myself getting fitter with more trainings and a #getfitordiecryin buddy
– Having #breakfasteverydamnday, no lies man I just don’t Instagram them because I cannot wake up early enough to make them look nice, and also because I am not very creative and eat similar stuff…
– Learning driving—I hope to get my license by Spring! Hehehe
– Trying all these fun, new recipes, buying health food from the organic store, shopping at the butcher, making homemade pesto, milkshakes etc hehe it’s amazing to have housemates with similar tastebuds
– Cooking communal dinners once/twice a week. Claire & I cook while the boys take turns to wash, how convenient & PERFECT?! We get all the fun from cooking and they get to eat yummy food at the attractive, unbeatable price of cleaning up wahaha

Super looking forward to the coming week because Sain’s delivery is coming tomorrow with shitload of DRINKS & MIXERS (Hendrick’s, Belvoir, Pimms, Passionfruit cider AND MOAR), because CHVRCHES, because LONDON, because HALLOWEEN, because XR & I ARE HOSTING OUR FIRST GUESTS (4 of them—OMG!), because NOTTS WINTER GAMES…NOTT lol idc coz I’m not involved this year

What’s left to do:

– Get Christmas plans all settled
– Send off more applications
– Buy a camera maybe…

So yeah my week/end’s been pretty swell, and I’m super looking forward to the week ahead, hectic as it may be! How’s your weekend? x


Not sure what to blog about but really wanted to share this song 1998 by Chet Faker so I thought I could do a list of things that made me happy this week ^_^

Firstly, Chet Faker. Found out about him on Laneway 2015’s lineup and I haven’t been able to stop listening the past week! Super chill, makes me wanna stay in my room all day and zone out lelz

TV Show: Parks & Rec. Too adorable!!! So much love for all of them ❤

Burning: Capri Blue’s Volcano / Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Volcano’s sweet, fruity while Wood Sage & Sea Salt’s herbaceous, grassy … kind of clean-ish, with a tinge of sweetness. Love them both ALOT. Xr isn’t a huge fan on WS&SS though so I burn it when I’ll be home mostly alone, which makes my alone time so bleeding amazing. Even cleaning the room was enjoyable today HAHA. Good scents have such a huge effect on me!

Ok that is all hehe it’s Friday and I’m looking forward to a good, restful weekend. Have an amazing one whoever’s reading this!