slow deep breaths

yoga gushing ahead, totes self-indulgent but iz ma tru feelz k diz ma blog so just G.O. if ya don’t jiiive~*~*~* 

thank you ^_^

just wanna pen down my feelz~ about my session yesterday with Lisanne, who was 6-mth preggers btw, at YM. it was AMAZING. SHE WAS SO GREAT. or rather, I took to her instructions and pace really well. I loved her calm, peaceful energy. my body felt alive and strong, and for the first time in a long while, I was aware of every breath I took. the past few sessions saw me taking child’s pose after a dynamic sequence, and also sitting out of some tough sequences. but not yesterday! I could keep up and didn’t have to rest much, I felt so great. I progressed a fair bit in my crow too, and even attempted a tripod headstand! I felt so so good after.

another thing that made me feel so glad was the playlist—tesselate by alt-J and intro by the XX came on, amongst some other really cool songs. i felt extra energised when i heard those songs stream through the sound system! way to go 

and the most important thing I loved about Lisanne—she took the time to correct our poses as a class, poses that most people (myself included) didn’t get right. most of the time I find myself just copying the person nearest to me when a new (to me) pose is introduced, which means that I could be focusing on the wrong areas. so it really really helps when the teacher points out the areas we should be focusing our energy on.

honestly I felt a bit tired of going for yoga before I fell ill because I felt like I wasn’t really progressing. I felt so challenged every session, as if my body refused to work with me, and I felt drained after every session. I thought I wasn’t interested in it anymore, but now I think it’s because my body wasn’t in a great condition, which was why I fell ill last week. but yesterday, with enough energy, I was more aware and mindful of my surroundings, my body and most importantly my thoughts. I was able to focus on my practice, and that was pretty priceless. distractions didn’t really get to me and I felt really at peace, even when I didn’t execute every thing perfectly

(however I must add that despite being so calm and happy in that one hour, I found myself snapping and getting upset at the slightest things later in the day. I don’t know why… I mean I know it’s PMS. I wish I had better control over it tho)


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