Monthly Archives: June 2014

Saw this music video on Facebook two minutes ago. Super duper uber catchy song by Above & Beyond. Been looping a longer version of this ( this is the best I could find—the one I’ve been listening to is 6min. this is still better than the video though), Sunset (Jamie XX remix), Retrograde and Under Control while studying.

3 more days to the end of exams. Cannot wait!

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything ~*substantial*~…I can easily blame this on exams but we all know this ‘behaviour’ began way before exams started lol so it’s really because I am damn lazy v_v

I feel thankful for a lot of things. Think a reflective post is due soon, since year 1 is about to end. Wtf time flew by like crazy I can’t believe it! I’m almost no longer a fresher, definitely no more energy one would expect from a fresher frk. Even after sleeping 7 hrs after a night out I still feel so damn lethargic and bleeeaaarrrgh like everything around me is happening in slow-mo…

K procrasti-break is over, I should get back to work 😦