The Moon Song

Hello! Before you start reading my ramblings, please listen to The Moon Song by Karen O, which is on the Her soundtrack. Heard K. O perform it with Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig at the Oscars last night and fell in love with it. Also, I have a looong list of movies to watch now! And of course at the top of the list is Her. By the way, Ellen was such an amazing host omg she was sooo funny. And that selfie was just precious, ok

Sigh I’ve been neglecting this space a lot, been terribly uninspired, and not on top of my game. I feel like I’m constantly playing catch-up–to what? I don’t know. Every time I have an idea for a post I tell myself to put it off til I have a couple more ideas so that each post will be more meaningful and have more value. I think this might be the procrastinating bug actually…I just keep putting things off because I think it’ll be more ‘perfect’ in the future but I never have enough good ideas, or I forget them, and eventually I end up with nothing.

I guess I should just learn to accept that maybe each post won’t be perfect, that it’s okay that I just post something short, simple and sweet. This is mostly for myself anyway. But I also need to be more disciplined and not always put things off..!

To be fair though, I’ve had a pretty hectic past two weeks, with trainings, games and all…I’ve hardly had ~alone~ time for myself 😦 Sad. My room, especially my study, is in a mess and it needs to be majorly decluttered. Will do that on Wednesday because I DON’T HAVE A GAME WHOOPIE! Also, no classes tomorrow because lecturer is sick. Yay?

I’ve got a shitload of backlog for work ooooohboy gonna coop myself in Hallward tomorrow. No school but gotta KEEP HUSTLIN’.

K enjoy the song and the gif. Stay cool and study hard kids. Bai


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