I’m back from an incredible weekend in London. It was exciting (FOALS) and scary (rowdy crowd) and satisfying (liberty shopping) and yummy (shake shack, bone daddies, gelupo, bubbleology, honest burgers) and chill (amazing place we stayed at via Airbnb, madd café)…every minute was just perfect and I really did not want to come back. But when I reached my room my first thought was home sweet home…ahaha. It’s actually really nice to be back, but so not looking forward to school bleargh. Ah well, feeling incredibly recharged.

Anyway, I’m here to share the trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. Can’t wait to see it, looks like a huge visual treat! And the cast…I have no words *u*

Photos from my adventure in London under the cut!

Saturday–Shake Shack, FOALS

^ essentials for a train ride! a read, some hand cream, a snack and of course train tickets lulz

First thing we did when we reached London was to NOM. Headed to Covent Garden for some burgers at Shake Shack!

^ SHAKE SHACK. It’s an atas/posh McDonald’s imo. you know how McD’s tastes good in the sinful, sobaditsgood way? that’s Shake Shack for me. Another thing to note: SUN OMG the elusive sun came out to play and that made xr claire and I 3 happy goobers ^_^

^ Sticky toffee concrete and cheese fries. Both underwhelming, sadly. I had high hopes for the concrete but nawww it really disappointed. Drury Lane on the other hand was better, kinda tasted like Haagen Dazs’ strawberry

I had two burgers ahaha too hungry. After this we checked in at our accomm and napped for 30 min. Woke up very reluctantly and made our way to Ally Pally for Foals!!!

^ FOALS MERCHANDISE. Got myself a tshirt, so did my companions. We also got a poster to put up in our new house (still x-ing fingers on that..!) \m/

^ Claire & I

^ XR & I

^ Mama Roo #swagging with pouch full of Foals Merch gahaha

^ Groupie!

^ Got photobombed like cray lol

^ Hello @Jimmyfoals! We had a really central view at the beginning but sadly got moshed to the side. It was really kinda scary man

^ This photo reeks of Holy Fire

^ Cool gig photo

So our night ended, but not before suffering from post-gig withdrawal and reliving moments through Instagram lol. Oh yes,

^ here’s the place we stayed at! It was so cozy and pretty perfect. Loved how there’s so much light. Can I also say how much I love not having to travel after gigs?! It feels good to be able to walk home after a concert and not have to jostle with the insane crowd for a spot up the bus/train/blah or wait forever for a cab.

^ Super cool toilet. Mosaic love

Sunday–Bio-organic Breakfast, Bone Daddies, Gelupo, Madd, Honest Burgers

^ Sunny Sunday ^_^

On sunday we woke up around 9 and had breakfast at 10 and left for the city at 11. First stop, LIBERTY! Hehehe got a perfume and chocolate truffles. Happygal93

Then we headed to Soho for food.

^ First stop, bone daddies! RAMEN YUM

^ From where I sat

^ Spicy Miso Ramen mmmmmm

^ After Ramen, we had GELATO at Gelupo. Amazing stuff. I got myself a moka pot with the resolve to make XR coffee and have my room (and future kitchen) be filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee on slow mornings…mmm. Also, Blood Orange and Pistachio are must tries!

^ Then we headed to MADD (near Bubbleology) for some chilled out fun. It’s a games cafe, and we were at the Super Nintendo table. Played 8-bit Mario Kart and Bomberman, which was actually quite fun! Not a fan of video games but I wouldn’t mind playing that ^_^

After spending most of our afternoon chilling in SOHO, it was almost time to go 😦 But of course we couldn’t leave without getting more food so we bought bubble tea (bubbleology’s Oolong Green plsthx) and burgers for the journey home.

^ Sunset at Meard St, where we got Honest Burgers to go

^ XR devouring his burger

^ An Honest Burger

I didn’t get HB for myself because I felt too ‘heaty’ from a far too decadent weekend, ha. BUT WOULD DEFINITELY DO ANOTHER WEEKEND LIKE THIS. I rate this weekend getaway a 9.8/10, 0.2 because I lost my cute pink beanie and got beer in my hair thanks to people who were playing angry beer cups (like angry birds but with beer cups) during the gig. Otherwise a perfect trip thanks to company, experiences, nomz and haul *u*

IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL NOW very busy week ahead sigh pie sobbles

  1. Jessica said:

    so cute ahahaha love london weekends, 买东西吃东西 repeat

    • Tingshan said:

      IKR that’s all we need really what is school??

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