Happy Valentine’s Day

Oh boy I haven’t been here in a looong while! School, volleyball and my inefficiency are really getting in the way lol. So many things to do, such poor time-management. Much sad. Very fail

So I’m here now, finally, because I found out the National realised the official video for one of my favoritestevur songs by them–I Need My Girl. I was gonna share this song previously, but I couldn’t find a good video so I chose Fireproof instead, but anyhow it’s all working out great cuz INMG is more appropriate for Vday anyway! The video is waaay cool by the way, happy valentine’s friends (whom I know are likely to read this, love you ♡) and enjoy x

Yesterday and today:

– Gave Xianrong Braintree Socks
– Received a super cute apron ahaha OOTD up soon with the next recipe!
– Went for insanely drawn-out SingSoc AGM omg. Congrats Wanda on getting the WO post~
– Ring of fire at the JCR with most of the Stormborn gang, super funny ahaha
– Woke up late, went to school for a 2hr lecture
– Came back and had some lunch, prepared stuff for tonight’s special valentine’s dinner–Spicy Stir Fried Pork (Dwaejigogi-bokkeum) and Kimchi Stew (Kimchi Jigae)! ^_^
– Took a nap and here I am

Aaand it’s almost time to make dinner. Oh yes, another exciting thing on my agenda: house viewing! Crossing fingers that everything will go well~ Also, super looking forward to this weekend because LONDON, because HOLY (FIRE) SHIT IMMA SEE FOALS, because OMG ALL THE NOMS! Yippee!

Have a splendid weekend all ^_^


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