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I’m back from an incredible weekend in London. It was exciting (FOALS) and scary (rowdy crowd) and satisfying (liberty shopping) and yummy (shake shack, bone daddies, gelupo, bubbleology, honest burgers) and chill (amazing place we stayed at via Airbnb, madd café)…every minute was just perfect and I really did not want to come back. But when I reached my room my first thought was home sweet home…ahaha. It’s actually really nice to be back, but so not looking forward to school bleargh. Ah well, feeling incredibly recharged.

Anyway, I’m here to share the trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. Can’t wait to see it, looks like a huge visual treat! And the cast…I have no words *u*

Photos from my adventure in London under the cut!

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Oh boy I haven’t been here in a looong while! School, volleyball and my inefficiency are really getting in the way lol. So many things to do, such poor time-management. Much sad. Very fail

So I’m here now, finally, because I found out the National realised the official video for one of my favoritestevur songs by them–I Need My Girl. I was gonna share this song previously, but I couldn’t find a good video so I chose Fireproof instead, but anyhow it’s all working out great cuz INMG is more appropriate for Vday anyway! The video is waaay cool by the way, happy valentine’s friends (whom I know are likely to read this, love you ♡) and enjoy x

Yesterday and today:

– Gave Xianrong Braintree Socks
– Received a super cute apron ahaha OOTD up soon with the next recipe!
– Went for insanely drawn-out SingSoc AGM omg. Congrats Wanda on getting the WO post~
– Ring of fire at the JCR with most of the Stormborn gang, super funny ahaha
– Woke up late, went to school for a 2hr lecture
– Came back and had some lunch, prepared stuff for tonight’s special valentine’s dinner–Spicy Stir Fried Pork (Dwaejigogi-bokkeum) and Kimchi Stew (Kimchi Jigae)! ^_^
– Took a nap and here I am

Aaand it’s almost time to make dinner. Oh yes, another exciting thing on my agenda: house viewing! Crossing fingers that everything will go well~ Also, super looking forward to this weekend because LONDON, because HOLY (FIRE) SHIT IMMA SEE FOALS, because OMG ALL THE NOMS! Yippee!

Have a splendid weekend all ^_^

AH. Been far away for far too long…literally. I arrived at Nottingham two nights ago from my self-declared Chinese New Year holiday back in Singapore. Since my return, I have been so unproductive and I kind of hate myself for that. I missed last night’s volleyball training because I wasn’t feeling well enough, and earlier this evening’s Deutsch class because I overnapped -_- Really need to get my shit together!

I’m also failing at some of my resolutions lol–blog twice a week at least..? FAIL! But I’m going to try my best to keep up, where’s the fun in life if it’s always perfect and dandy right??

So, it’s the start of a new term and I am feeling pretty motivated. It’s always nice to get a fresh start–new modules, new lecturers, new routine. Sadly, this term is very exam-heavy, which is pretty bad news for me. I would really rather do courseworks…or generally have work that I’m forced to do, y’know? I guess this means that I have to be consistently self-motivated and work hard to keep my results up..!

Spring term is going to fly by so damn quickly, so many activities/things to celebrate and I can’t wait!!! Major events: valentines’ day, FOALS in London on vday weekend, Hui’s visit to notts, Kyungs in europe, [non-concrete plans to visit friends], [non-concrete plans to host friends], turning 21 o m f g, singapore day, spring week (?), easter break to denmark and the netherlands (?)…then it’s exams, and SUMMER. WOW. FUNMONTHFUNBUN.

Also, some exciting changes to the routine in my life:

1. Xianrong and I are swapping cooking chores

Last term, I cooked while he washed up. This term, it’s going to be the other way round! Truth be told, I’m quite sad coz I really had a lot of fun cooking. I actually really like cooking. You’d think that having to cook for another person would be tricky/stressful but because he’s so appreciative and not picky, it was really therapeutic. On days I don’t feel up for cooking or if I just want to have a simple, no-frills meal, he’s understanding and easygoing about that :’) so thankful ♡♡♡


On the other hand, I’m pretty picky (control freak) so…ahahaha this term is going to be tough for me. I foresee myself becoming a saint by the end of the term lol. But I guess I’ll still cook sometimes! Breakfast probably, on special occasions maybe, or when I’m alone in the room! In all honesty though, I’m really looking forward to see what he’ll be whipping up hehe. He cooked some meals when I was still having exams last month, and they’re pretty good! Nothing too fancy, just simple, tasty meals like fried butter chicken. It was great to have something different. I’m boring I always make the same old things! Speaking of unfancy meals…sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed to post recipes and stuff cuz they’re so damn simple and uncreative. I feel like I’m insulting people’s intelligence/capabilities by posting those things, but…idk. I like sharing them anyway. I guess I still will..! Easy, yummy dishes are useful especially for students! That said, I hope to experiment more and make exciting things.

2. All my lectures are two-hour lectures

Juzkillmeplz. Ok I take that back because it’s still CNY and it’s #taboo to say things like the second word I used. But seriously, wth guys. ALL lectures?!? This is going to be a snack-filled term.

3. Claire is moving to Broadgate Park (BGP)!

Instead of meeting at the bus stop to go to Jubilee campus, we will be walking to the bus stop together every morning. And walk back after school. Wah, this feels like primary school! Plus next (academic) year we are 99% going to live together HAHA #clingyaf. 99% because there’s a 1% chance the housing thing won’t work out…simply because it’s not settled yet. Also, with her moving in, most of the gang will be at BGP. Broadgate Park, is really ‘The Place To Be’ (this is their um tagline lol).

I think that’s about it. So exciting huh my life. Just a quick post to keep this space from being not alive (because CNY). Now if it has bored you to tears, here’s something that I hope will act like a green tea scented tissue (the best?!). A song I really like by The National–Fireproof. Enjoy!

I will be blogging about my trip back home, and possibly another recipe, at the end of this week!