New happy place

Welcome to my new space! I’ve wanted to blog in a new /place/ for a while now, and I’ve finally done it—I got myself a domain!

Five months ago I created a new blog on Blogger, slowdownshesdreaming, and my first post there happens to also be my last lol. I never went back to Blogger after creating SDSD. WordPress feels a lot more ‘bloggable’, so I’m back. And this time with my own domain! I thought of staying at toasting.wordpress because it’s by far the best URL I’ve ever had, but I also really wanted to start afresh. Toasting.wordpress is too messy and old…and I couldn’t rename it and create a new one with the same name, so here I am. Paid a little bit for this URL and I think it’s all worth it. Toasting is a simple, meaningful, and quite classy (vs. tingatron? LOL). And .co is just cool! I guess it was also kind of an impulsive decision…I wanted to chope this address very badly teehee. BUT I LOVE IT! SO YAY! NO REGRETS! More expression of happiness under the cut!

When I was younger, I was super into the whole Blogging thing and I even made Blogskins lulz. I always admired the jiejies who had their own domains, I thought it was super cool! I remember this ‘famous’ Blogskinner who was 20 and had her own domain and at that time owning my own site felt like such an impossible thing. Felt…adult. The best I had was a sub-domain,, which I was so excited about. Everyone had Blogspots and Livejournals and while I HAD MY OWN SUB-DOMAIN lololol. My blogging history is so…rich? I was such an avid blogger man, I had a livejournal, xanga, blogspot…you name it, I had it. But now I’m using wordpress cuz it’s so nice to use!

Okay so make my money’s worth, I plan to write more, and post recipes of things I’ve been making. I don’t really know where this will take me, but I guess this will just be a space where I chart my ~personal growth~, share my thoughts and of course yummy things. I’ve always wanted to keep a food blog but I’ve never had the discipline to start one, much less follow through on one. I’m not ready to commit this to being fully a food blog because I think I will still want to write about random things. So this will still be a chapalang place, like my old wordpress, but I hope with more mature, insightful and useful thoughts. Enjoy! ^_^


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